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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Got to sit down for a bit

I've straightened up some, corralled the dishes (mostly in the kitchen, but a few water glasses here and there), unloaded the dish washer, loaded it, and run it (although I've bumped into it twice and turned it off--I don't know who thought that a front-mounted knob that pulls out to activate the thing would be good). I still need to do the plastic dishes, though. I've also cleaned out the refrigerator (is it a sign that you're a single woman, and diabetic, when there are mostly condiments and insulin in your fridge?) I watered the plants thoroughly and got the poor Norfolk Virginia pine to stand up using stakes, as opposed to leaning on my clock above the computer. I've pulled apart the rods and sheers that came down the other day; I'm going to see if YKWIA can use the sheers--they are ivory with pink roses on them, which would match his library. I also set up a shower caddy in the bathroom to organise my shampoo and other items. It hangs on the shower head. I got it at Gabriel Brothers the other day, and its original price was $12.99 wherever it came from, but theirs was $3.99. I also put some enzymatic drain powder down the drains in the bathroom, which have been emptying rather slowly, no doubt because of the hair that gets down them. I have a brand new hair catcher plastic mesh thing to go over the tub drain.

That leaves the laundry (which could be gathered tomorrow, but I'm always in such a rush on Sunday mornings, as I usually try to make it there by 9 am), a little more straightening up, moving the bin with the air mattress in it, emptying the small receptacle next to my desk of recyclables into the main bin, and taking the trash out. That's all I'm going to try to do tonight. But it should go a long way to making the place better. RIght now, though, my back is hurting just a bit and I'm very hot (I don't have the air conditioning on or anything). It's after 10 pm and 62 degrees outside, but I think it's warmer in here, even with the windows open. I think I'll go into the bedroom for a little while, turn on the fan, and the work on the laundry in there.

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