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Friday, June 24, 2005

Some specific goals

  • Follow a prescribed regimen for staying healthy and controlling my diabetes and other health issues
  1. Begin South Beach diet starting 7/1/05; total amount to lose: 100 lbs; first short-term goal: lose 20 lbs in 3 months
  2. Weigh weekly and keep a log of progress
  3. Walk 3 times weekly, starting for 10 minutes and progressing in speed, time, and incline gradually
  4. Take medication faithfully on schedule as prescribed
  • Reduce my debt, save for the future, and eventually buy my own home to become more financially stable
  1. Pay myself first by putting away 10% of each paycheque
  2. Convert as many expenses to regular instalments as possible (i.e., I've just signed up for the budget plan with the electric company so it's a set amount each month)
  3. Get a copy of my credit report (have 1, need the other 2)
  4. Make a list of all current debtees, amount owed, and terms
  5. Create a budget and stick with it, paying small amounts on each debt as possible
  • Be creative
  1. Sit down and write for an hour 3 times a week
  2. Attend a cultural or art exhibit/performance at least once per month
  3. Practise an art or craft for an hour 3 times a week
  4. Game once a week with full participation and character development
  • Be spiritual
  1. Perform libation ceremony once per month
  2. Do daily breathing exercises and keep results in a log
  3. Do yoga 3 times a week
  • Be a friend; make a difference; practise relating to others
  1. Do one thing for one person at least once per day
  2. Talk or write to each friend at least every other day
  3. Encourage someone at least once per week
  4. Write to my family once per week
  5. Participate in an in-depth discussion at least once per day

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