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Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Oh, two big bunches of good news to report...

1) The car is back on the road. My stepfather, John, who is remarkably patient, was able to get a new clutch cable on. He had to dismantle most of the dashboard to do it, but he also got that back together, too. Thank you!!!!!

2) I finished the website I was working on for the hospital today. I did it all in straight HTML code (for a variety of reasons), and my brain feels like it's leaking out my ears. I haven't even been able to bring myself to code today's entries into HTML. Anyway, they'll review it, give me final edits, and then we'll send it off to corporate. If they approve it, I'll post the address. If not...I don't want to think of that...there's too much work into this project for them not to take it.

I had my DBT group tonight. I'm supposed to be telling you a little about what I'm doing, just in case you're also a borderline looking for new info. That's one of the reasons I started this blog, after all. Hmmm....how to describe it? We meet weekly and each discuss our homework for the past week. So far this has revolved around mindfulness and emotion regulation--ways to healthfully express your emotions without them running your life. This may sound simple to many of you, but the point of borderline personality disorder is that the person never learned those skills, usually because he or she was in an environment where feelings were ignored or invalidated. That's the theory, anyway. During the second part of the session we learn new skills. So, it's really almost like going to class as opposed to group therapy. If you're really interested, check out the book we use. Well, it's midnight. Time for me to say goodnight. :)

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