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Thursday, May 04, 2017


So yesterday in my various activities I wrenched my right knee (climbing out of the car) and left shoulder (lifting the bed and placing the cinder block underneath). My back isn't happy with me, either. I am quite sore this morning. While some of that will work out, I don't think it will be prudent to exercise on the majority of the machines at pulmonary rehab, which, with the exception of the treadmill and leg press, all involve arm work, and with my knee, even the treadmill and leg press don't seem a good idea. So I'm going to call and cancel for the day, my first after eight sessions. Still, I'm pretty darn consistent, as the other attendees have had illnesses or home emergencies that have kept them away. And I'll go ahead and do my breathing exercises today, anyway.

It's cool and cloudy, and it's been raining. I am eating some cheese and a banana, and I've opened the windows. My main endeavour for this morning, since I'm moving so slow, is to get the potting done. I have to:
  1. Empty out two window boxes of spent geraniums and dirt (they lasted three years, though!) and wash them out.
  2. Fish the other one out of the walk-in closet and its tray from under the African violets.
  3. Prepare the orchid medium (it has to be soaked in hot water and cooled).
  4. Take out a folding metal chair.
  5. Take out the dirt, tools, gloves, and plants to be potted.
  6. Take out the plants to be repotted: the lavender, a Christmas cactus, two orchids, and two African violets.
  7. Take out the pots and window boxes.
  8. Pot up the window boxes.
  9. Repot the lavender, Christmas cactus, and African violets with potting soil.
  10. Repot the orchids with orchid medium that has cooled.
  11. Place the window boxes on their sills. I do wish that I had a way to restrain or attach them some way so that high winds wouldn't blow them down, but I live in an apartment and rent, so I don't know any tricks for that. I did consider twine going around the lip on the front and being placed in the screens. I'm not sure about that. I don't actually have any twine, but I may get some and try it and see.
That should take awhile, I think.

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