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Saturday, May 06, 2017

I took some time

before working on the notes to go to Costco and get, among other things, cheese for the game tomorrow. For $4.49 on sale at Kroger, I can get 12 pieces. For $9.99 regularly at Costco, I can get 60. So they last longer. I got crackers this morning at Kroger. I got some tomatoes that are a variety of small types, and I may take those as well.

In the 13 years I've lived in this apartment, I've changed one, maybe two chandelier bulbs in the dining area. Three were out, so when I saw a pack of 6 at Costco for $12 that were LED, I went ahead and got them, and changed them out (leaving one spare, as mine has five lights). It's so bright! Which got me thinking about LED lights. I have a couple left over from a package I got at Kroger one time, that equate to 60 watt bulbs. I went into the closet, got the package out, and changed the CFL in the living room out for the LED, and it is brighter as well. I'd like to eventually switch all the bulbs out as they go out. Costco had a pack of six or eight 60 watt equivalents for much less than the grocery does, and I noticed they had packs of four indoor flood lights. YKWIA goes through a lot of them, as he has them in his library, bathroom, hallway, and living room. They're more expensive up front but last a long time. I might see if he's interested, at least in the library.

Okay, I think I should balance my bank book (I've kept it up to date since I got it, which is remarkable for me, almost daily), and then turn off the radio so I can work on the notes. And I think post-time is coming up for the Derby. I haven't kept up with who's running this year, but I might turn it over for the run. It's sunny here--I hope it dried out a bit in Louisville, as it was raining quite a bit earlier.

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