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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I spent an hour in the middle of the night lying in bed awake

So I'm not quite awake this morning. On the other hand, I have:
  1. Given YKWIA a wake-up call, as a workman is coming today.
  2. Taken all of my medicine and checked my blood sugar, including updating my diabetes log program, which draws it off my meter through Bluetooth (I haven't been doing that, and I'm much more compliant when I do).
  3. Eaten breakfast.
  4. Fed the fish and turned on the aquarium light.
  5. Added the last of the potting soil to the window boxes, now that the soil has settled a bit.
  6. Watered the plant, inside and out.
  7. Checked the job boards, the librarian job list, the unemployment office's website, and UK for jobs.
  8. Checked my e-mail.
  9. Gone through my Facebook feed.
  10. Listened to the radio.
  11. Tracked a package.
The package is out for delivery with UPS right now. I need to work on that entertainment centre, so that may be the big project of the day. I'd like to wash the dishes (there are only about five). Later, I'm going to take a friend to the doctor (which is probably when the package delivery will be attempted).

I have to admit, though, between my allergies and sleepiness, I just want to take a nap, but then they'll certainly come with the package. If they knock, I won't hear them, most likely. If they ring the doorbell (yes, I live in an apartment, but have an actual doorbell), I probably won't get to the door in time. It's absolutely maddening.

Okay, I've been on the computer way too much today already. Time to do something useful.

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