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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Blessed coolness

When I left to get that medicine today, it occurred to me that my thermostat might still be pretty far down, left over from being on heat, and so the air conditioning was running pretty hard when I left. But I didn't go back, thinking maybe I was mistaken. Well, I came in this evening and it was set on 60, had been running, etc., but it felt really nice. I'd say it's around 68, anyway. I turned it back up to 72, which is fine for me. It is much less humid in here as well, so I'm happy. Except for the pain in my toes, anyway. :) Anyway, it feels much better now. Thank goodness for air conditioning; I couldn't live in the South without it, especially as I age.


Bob said...

I wear a pair of Crocs around the house so that my toes are protected from being rammed into the furniture. Since you're diabetic I'd definitely recommend some sort of foot protection, as gangrene resulting from neuropathy is one of the main reasons that people with diabetes lose toes. I used to wear boat shoes or other moccasin-style footwear, but Crocs are cheaper and easy to keep clean, can be washed in the sink like a dirty dish, are comfortable and easy to slip on/off.

Eilir said...

You're right, of course. I hate wearing anything on my feet, but the diabetes really means I should. I may have to try the Crocs, at least around the house. Besides, I don't want to lose a toe or worse just because I like my feet bare. My grandmother lost part of her foot, and never really walked properly again, and got MRSA. Thanks for the tips.