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Friday, May 12, 2017

I feel like I'm burning up

I had about three good hours in which I was able to go to the pharmacy to get the medicine that got left out of the bag, go get a friend from work, take him by his place, take him by another friend's house, go get wine for a libation tonight, and go to the grocery for just a few things (for example, I got potatoes last night, but nothing to go on a baked potato). Now I'm home, and I'm pooped. Thoroughly pooped. I've got the windows up and two fans going. It's actually pretty cool outside; it's not air conditioner weather, and things are too bad in here. The heat is all internal to me. I probably have a low-grade fever, plus I'm hot-natured anyway. Later tonight I may watch something, but right now I'm really considering taking a nap. I'll check the news (none of which was good earlier, with a ransomware attack hitting computers in at least 74 countries, including British hospitals).

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