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Wednesday, May 03, 2017


As I think I mentioned, for months I've dealt with a bed that has been sagging because the side rail and cross rail on one side, which should be joined, have sheared apart. It's a 30-year-old bed from Sears. I don't think I can replace just the bedrails, and I'm not in a position to buy a new bed.

I solved the bedrail problem temporarily by putting a cinder block under the joint between the side rail and the cross rail. For the first time in awhile my bed is level and supported from underneath. I was going to put a second under there, but lifting and shoving by myself was almost too much. At one point I took the mattress off and had the rail and box spring perched on my knee. But I got it done. But I hurt and am tired. If I want that second block under there, I'll need to get A to help. He's a lot stronger, and in reality, this was a two-person job. Whew!

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