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Thursday, May 11, 2017

I forgot

How much the Rocephin and Kenalog hurt (they're in the buttocks, one in each hip), and the area is sore for some time.

I took my normal medicine at night, the Breo, which is an inhaled steroid, taking special precaution to rinse my mouth, as I don't want an opportunistic thrush infection due to the antibiotics. The long-acting insulin is also important, because steroids wreak havoc with diabetes. They've moved me to something called Basaglar, because my insurance would pay for that but not Lantus. My pharmacist says it's very similar, just with an extra chemical chain. I have some Lantus left, but I decided to go ahead and just take the new drug first to make sure I didn't react badly to it, so they wouldn't fill it next time if I did. I am allergic to another long-acting insulin, Apidra, so it is possible to be. Anyway, I've done all that. Time to go to bed. Good night, this time for real.

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