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Thursday, March 31, 2016

I feel awful, and it's my fault

I've gotten off on my meds the last few days and I over-ate tonight.  My blood sugar just now was 295,  four hours after I ate. I've taken my nightly meds and filled my pill planner box for the next week. I  made sure I had plenty of insulin with me for tomorrow.  I may have to start sending my values to my endocrinologist again. :( But hey,  tomorrow is another day,  even another month. I won't give up,  and I see my endocrinologist in a few days, anyway.

I'm also topping off the charge on my Kindle,  as tomorrow I am dropping my car off at Mitch's Auto,  a coworker is picking me up there and bringing me to work,  but I'll have to take the bus back over there from work because the other coworker who was going to take me there had a niece born today and so won't be at work after all, which is fine.  I'll just leave early enough to get there before they close.  It sounded to the mechanic I spoke with on the phone like a heat soak problem with the starter,  which can have a few causes and fixes.  But at least he had more of a clue than the last place.  (Tire Discounters called me on Monday and I explained what happened.  The guy apologised and said they would work on communication in the future.)

Okay, I'm meeting my coworker at 7:40 tomorrow morning.  Better set an alarm and go to bed.  Good night!

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