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Thursday, July 02, 2015

Home (and slightly damp)

It's raining, and I took my umbrella out of the office yesterday because it was raining then, and forgot to bring one back with me this morning. I had two gigantic (okay, really big) flower arrangements to get home that were donated and with most people gone from the hospital, they would have just died without any real enjoyment, so they gave them to me to brighten up things here, which is great, because, being single, I pretty much only get flowers when I buy them, and these are much bigger than I could afford. [They're usually donated funeral flowers.] Anyway, they smell wonderful and are a combination of roses, lilies, snapdragons, Canterbury bells, and lots of greenery, and they make me happy. So thank you to whomever. They were a challenge to get home intact, but I did manage, even with the rain. I think there is a high percentage chance that the Fourth of July celebrations will fizzle rather than sizzle due to the weather. I have tonight and all of tomorrow (it is our holiday at work, since July 4th is on a Saturday) as a time to spend some quality time alone, and that makes me uneasy. It's not that I'm afraid to be alone; it's more that I'm uncomfortable by myself. When I was younger, I was so introverted and pretty much alone most of the time, and it didn't bother me at all. Now, I have to really work at doing anything other than just going to sleep when I'm by myself.

Speaking of funeral flowers, I did get some sad news, although I'm waiting to see it in the paper because I don't necessarily trust social media for death information, but it seems that one of my co-workers at the gas station, a lovely woman who was very caring and worked very hard, whom I've mentioned here after her diagnosis when they were trying to fund the chemo for her cancer treatment, has died. A couple of weeks ago the doctors told her she had maybe six months to live and put her in hospice. She was just two weeks younger than I, a mother, grandmother--and just a great person. If this is true, I am so sorry to hear it; I know she struggled through two cancers in her life, and that's a shame. I enjoyed working with her and keeping up with her on Facebook, but I hadn't talked to her for awhile, although I did message her. But I'm glad she is at peace now, and no longer in pain. Rest in peace, Teressa. If I can find funeral information, I will try to go to it.

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