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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

About freaking time!

YKWIA will not watch Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, because he can't understand a word he says, between the Scottish accent and the low speaking tone. So I never got to see much of the last season, and I don't have cable, so I normally watch over there. So finally I can catch up. While I'm at it, there's a lot of 'Doctor Who' for me to catch up on--I've only seen about two of the seasons of the nine, despite loving the show, both the classic and new Whos. Yay!

Finally! Doctor Who Series 8 Coming to Netflix in August!

For more on what is coming to Netflix in August, as well as those leaving the service, check out: Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Coming in August 2015.

Now if only we could get 'Haven' season 5. But I'm not sure if that ever concluded, and I promised not to look up anything about the show. Isn't it on Sy Fy? YKWIA will also not watch that network because spelling matters to him, but will watch it with me on Netflix. :)

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