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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Philly cheese steak veggie burgers, nummy.

Today I got to sleep a half an hour in than usual because I had a consortium meeting. The directions weren't that clear for getting to the room, and I'd forgotten they'd moved the education centre, so I wound up walking through all of the hospital's pedways, through five buildings. I happy to say that the token I'd gotten last time still worked for getting out of the parking lot, even though no one thought it would. The topic was electronic journal licences, not my favourite, but something I don't know a lot about. The presenter started us off with a video.

That set the tone for the whole thing. That and one of our past presidents dressing up in chaps, vest, and cowboy hat. Plus there were neat gadgets given out--a highlighter that erases and a measuring tape with a level, pen, and notepad attached (I had to have help later discovering what the hell the pen was--it looked like some rolling bar, but then discoverd the sticky pad on my own). Lunch was nice--with salad, fruit, chips, and veggie wraps for the vegetarians (the carnivores had barbeque and baked beans).

After that I trudged back through the pedways, at least not lost this time, used the token mentioned earlier and headed for a store meeting, my only work this week. That lasted a couple of hours. I took a co-worker home, then it was off to do notes, and I just got in after putting in a couple of hours' work. It took an hour to decipher one page of notes. They are abysmal at times. I can't believe I ever got huffy and said they were good notes. Alas, I did. And now I'm paying for it.

Today's weather was wonderful. It's supposed to rain the rest of the week. I'm working Thursday for four hours, Friday for three, and then Saturday for eight, so a lighter schedule than normal. I was afraid I'd go right into a 27-hour workweek (on top of the normal 20 hours at the hospital). Our longest-lived employee (who's been there for 30 years) goes on vacation soon, so I'll probably work more then. Soon the store down the street will be knocked down and rebuilt to remodel (the one that was robbed the other night), so our business should skyrocket. And then the first week of July my boss is going on vacation for a week so some of the night people will move to days and I'll probably be working more; I may not be able to get off July 4th this year. At least I have warning, though.

What else can I tell you? I told you about the book that came out yesterday. I'm also serving as a Doody's selector in Orthopaedics for their Core Titles product and I'm the chair of a national awards jury through the MLA this coming year. I'm hoping at the end of the year to be able to apply for AHIP status (Academy of Health Information Professionals). I put it off for a long time thinking I wouldn't be a medical librarian very long but it's been ten years after all. :)

I'm also planning on applying to (yes, another public library) the local library where they have a reference position open in their Kentucky room. My history, archives, and preservation background would be a plus. Hopefully it will work out better than the last time.

Well, that's all for now. I think I'll relax a bit before I get a friend from work. He's been sick, so I doubt he'll work late tonight. Have a good night.

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