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Thursday, May 17, 2007

I very nearly hit a bunny tonight

as I was going down Cooper Drive over near UK. I swerved to avoid it and of course it hopped back in the direction I swerved, but I was able to brake in time. Fortunately there were no other cars around. I'm rather glad, as 1) I like bunnies and 2) the last time I hit an animal (a cat) and killed it, I went hysterical for the better part of an hour.

Today's been pretty good, all in all. I've gotten quite a bit done, although of course there's more to do. Tomorrow I go to traffic school after I run by the pharmacy (I'm almost out of Provigil and test strips). Friday I'm working 3-10 in addition to the 10-2:30 at the hospital, so it will be a long day. Saturday I'm just working 10-6, far shorter than my normal 10 hour day. I'm free Monday for the finale of 'Heroes' (yay!!!) and then Tuesday for my therapy appointment. Then I work on Wednesday from 3 to sometime, I think 8 or 9.

Speaking of 'Heroes', of course we knew it had been picked up for a second season months ago, but there's also this bit of news (the article is from the San Francisco Chronicle by Tim Goodman:

Perhaps the biggest news from NBC was the announcement that it would, in effect, spin off "Heroes" into a second series called "Heroes: Origins," a limited-run, six-episode drama that will introduce a new character each week and incorporate an online element that will allow "Heroes" fans to vote on which of the six new characters on "Origins" will be added to the original series.

As a breakout freshman hit, "Heroes" has reshaped NBC's thinking in several ways. By increasing the number of episodes to 24 this season, and adding six episodes of "Heroes: Origins" to the schedule next year, NBC gets 30 total episodes and makes a significant attempt to keep viewers from scattering during the inevitable rerun period. ("Origins" will air on Monday nights when "Heroes" takes a break.)

I'm excited. Really excited. 'Heroes' is the best TV series I've seen in a really long time, and has the added benefit of being a hit (so many of the things I like don't make it, due to a prejudice against sci fi). And if you haven't watched...you should. You can go to http://www.nbc.com/Heroes and watch the past episodes to get caught up, read the online comic books, etc. Plus you can preorder the Season One DVD. There's also a great site on Wikipedia's 'Heroes' page. And here's the theatrical trailer that gives you a glimpse of the characters...

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