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Thursday, May 31, 2007

According to Wikipedia

the common cold usually lasts from 3-5 days.

I'm on day three, and the mucous is running high.

Not that I expect you really care about my mucous, but it is the most immediate thing going on in my life. It is not a dire colour at least, only plentiful. My only consolation is that the dratted virus is being flushed out in waves of glorious mucous.

My nose hates me, though, and my currently happily active immune system. I am going through tissues, napkins, toilet paper, and even paper towels at an alarming rate. And still it flows.

Through it all I soldiered through first one job and then the other, plus two hours of game notes. I am now very tired. And snotty.

Fortunately I get a bit of a rest tomorrow as I took off from the hosptial to go to a sleep doctor about getting new attachments for my CPAP machine so that I can go back to sleeping in bed, and hopefully won't be as tired as I've been during the day. They may be able to recalibrate it slightly there in the office, too, although if they think it needs to be, they'll probably send me through another sleep study. My appointment isn't until 11:30, so I get an extra hour or so to rest. Then it's off to the gas station (it's trunk night tomorrow). But I'm off from the station on Friday, although I'll be back at the hospital (celebrating jeans day, as it's the first Friday of a new month).

Oh, I hope I'm better by then. And I'm working 10 hours straight on Saturday. Definitely by then, I hope.

All right, enough of my complaining.

By the way, I actually have a copy of the book for which I wrote a chapter (okay, it's a short chapter, but it's still publishing). I received it today. I think I'll have to return it; I got a defective copy that came unglued after being opened five times. But it's still good to see my name in print, and the other entries sound interesting, too.

Okay, enough for tonight...I hope you liked Cookie Monster. I'm going to bed now. I leave you with something random--clouds and water from Koyaanisqatsi...

...and the pre-credit sequence from Powaqqatsi. If you've never seen the trilogy to which they belong, you should. They are essentially art films looking at the juxtaposition of elements. The first title means 'life out of balance', the second 'life in transformation' and the third (Naqoyqatsi)'life as war'. They are all Hopi terms. This scene shows gold miners in Brazil digging and bringing up dirt. It reminds me of an ant colony, yet it seems so fruitless.

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