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Monday, May 21, 2007

I loved the game today

although it went until 11:30 (we usually get out about 9, that's two weeks in a row that it ran later). We didn't get much further into the investigation, but three of the characters got blown up with dynamite (and barely survived), met a whole gaggle of ghouls (and barely survived) and uncovered an evil plot by our secretary (of which they'll probably barely survive). Meanwhile there are two cases going on at once, and being blown to smithereens definitely puts a cramp on your ability to investigate, even with magical healing.

Also my character, the one with the multiple personality toddler, is dealing with becoming pregnant through a charm that basically meant having great, wonderful sex with a mobster--against her will. She's struggling with date rape, basically, and has shut down emotionally while throwing herself into her work, but because of her pregnancy, she can't go on any missions, so she's left trying to keep the home fires burning and sending much less experienced investigators on cases. Needless to say, she has a lot of guilt. But at least she isn't being blown to smithereens or being the fleshy meat that ghouls dream of.

Ah, Cthulhu...

And now, on a totally random note, I give you...the Gorilla Librarian...

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