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Sunday, July 26, 2020


Yesterday, among other things, I repotted or side-dressed every pot on our back porch with fresh potting soil, putting the tomatoes and a few others into bigger pots. 

Normally I wouldn't do that while they are blooming/putting on fruit, but the big tomatoes were shrivelling up in the sun easily and there was a smaller pot of tomatoes that just weren't doing well. (These were all cherry tomatoes from a friend at work.) Plus, I had a couple of new dwarf tomatoes plants from another friend that I put in slightly larger pots, and I put the olive trees in a bigger pot. 

I was very tired and I got covered in soil, which is bad when you are in a cast and can't take a shower, so I had to do my best in the sink. My roommate doesn't understand why I was so hot--he basks in 90 degrees. I did wait until the last part of the day, but still, it was very hot! Here are some before and after pictures:

Original configuration
96 quarts of soil and three new pots (I used 64 qts of soil).

Everything re-potted

Oregano, sage, tomatoes, bamboo, and aloe

Tomatoes, bamboo, aloe, hyssop, dill, and olive tree

Tomatos, dill, jalapeño, dwarf tomatoes, and red velvet echevaria

Olive tree, dwarf tomato

Jalapeño, dwarf tomatoes, and red velvet echevaria

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