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Saturday, February 15, 2020

It was inevitable, of course

What a day. I woke up late and just made it to my appointment, the day got better as we ran errands until I hit a pothole I didn't see on Landsdowne, of course on the side the doughnut tyre was, with an emphasis on 'was'.

Sigh.  That was at 1:20.  The car was towed at 3 pm.  There was only room for one of us in the tow truck and I offered to take the bus. I got home at 4:15 or so.

I'm going to eat and then take a nap. Maybe it will be better when I get up.  But at least we're home--no one was hurt, the car is fine, and I'll probably be able to get new tyres next weekend.   I'm off Monday from work, but I have to go into UK for an appointment.  So it's the bus for the next week.  Thank goodness, I had a couple of dollars tucked in my purse as an emergency fund in case I needed to get home. :)

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