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Sunday, October 15, 2017

I've been doing laundry and chores

to get ready for the Cthulhu game. We didn't play last week, and I'd already finished the notes, so I've had time to relax this weekend. YKWIA is making a soup that smells divine; it should be ready in less than an hour, and we have those little soup bowl loaves given to us by someone. I am properly caffeinated and have been up and moving quite a bit. I just cleaned the car out and corralled the little drink lids one of my co-workers is collecting for school into a gallon bag, ready to go. I've also put away the folded laundry (my laundry). Right now I'm drying the dog blankets and doing a load of YKWIA's (it's a long story, but he isn't allowed to use his own washer and dryer due to an agreement with someone who helped get them the washer and dryer quite a while ago. That person is now dead several years, but he keeps his word.)

Yesterday we went out and celebrated my having officially been hired, as I start on payroll Wednesday. I'm excited. I'm basically still going to work at checkout, but with some added responsibilities, probably, and a different schedule, as I've been working 8.5-9 hours a day on most days, and now overtime will enter in if I continued to do that. We'd discussed changing my schedule from 8-5:30 to 9-5:30, which would mean having someone to check out the people getting out of clinic late AND it would be nice for me because I wouldn't have to get up at 6 am anymore. And at 9 there's still ample parking--if my trips in from the doctor in the morning have been any indication. Meanwhile, they've hired a PRN person who will be assisting with check out (I've been the only one in there for weeks) and with the phones (hallelujah!) I really like her, and I'm hoping we'll make a good team. She is catching on very quickly. This week we've both got hiring-related things on Wednesday--I have to do my paperwork, and I think she's in the official orientation. I'm not sure if I am. I got an abbreviated orientation when I started as a contract worker, but they may need to let me know of other things that have changed with the move. So only two more days of the higher rate, and seven days' total pay coming at that rate, but on the other hand, my health insurance kicks in from day one. That's amazing. It used to be a wait of a month or so. I have to call UnitedHealthcare and see if there are any considerations regarding moving from COBRA back to the same plan (like are my out-of-pocket expenses still maxed out) and also if there's any chance of a partial refund of this month. I'm not banking on it, but if you don't ask, you don't get, right?

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