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Monday, January 01, 2018

It's been a quiet New Year's Day

I'm very sleepy as I haven't had any caffeine at all today. I should have saved some of the soda from this weekend.  I've already had a short nap and I'm still falling asleep.  But I've also been doing laundry, working on the computer, and I'm about to write a book review, which is due today.

It's 16 degrees Fahrenheit outside, very frigid. I just took the recyclables out and got my coat out of the car so it would be warm in the morning.  The taps are dripping to prevent the pipes from freezing.  It's 69.4 degrees in here and YKWIA is freezing (he's cold-natured), so he's left the work he was doing on the computer and is reading in his room under the blankets, the dog, the cat, and a Southwestern poncho.  Fortunately, I'm warm-natured, so I'm not doing so bad, but I would like to get back under the covers.

Last night was quiet, too.  I listened to some music and got up about 15 minutes before midnight.  I downloaded the official Times Square ball drop application on my phone, which seemed to be working for a change (it's frozen on me three years in a row), but when it got to a little over a minute left, the video froze, since I'm sure their servers were overwhelmed, so I didn't get to see the ball drop (we don't have TV, and YKWIA was working on something on the desktop).  So that was a little disappointing.

But the company was good.  We wished each other a happy new year's, and then I basically just went back to bed.  There were fireworks at midnight, but the little dog who is scared of them is getting deaf so she couldn't hear them inside the house, but I did let them out very briefly and she barked because she could hear them out there.  I brought them in; it was snowing, just enough to cover the ground.  And then I went to sleep, waking up to the dulcet tones of little dog barking because, well, she's older and her bladder is tiny.  I stayed in bed for awhile, got up, took all my medicine, took my blood sugar (including downloading the results to my phone), kept track of my food, weighed myself (I've gained a little back, but I'm still a stone under what I had been.)

Alright, I should go work on that book review.  This is the first of what I hope is a more prolific blogging run; it may not be every day, but I'm going to shoot for that.  I hope you're having a good year so far.  I've been really looking forward to saying goodbye to 2017 and I hope there are bright things on the horizon for you and yours.  Have a great day!

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