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Sunday, January 07, 2018

On the one hand...

It's warmer than the terrible Arctic cold we've been having. On the other hand, it's hovering around freezing and rain is coming, so it'll be rain, freezing rain, and snow, just in time for the morning commute. Humbug. At least my boss texted us and said she'd rather us be safe than absolutely on time, that she wouldn't count us tardy tomorrow if there were issues with the weather, and to drive carefully.

This weekend has been relaxing. Friday night YKWIA watched the Australian original cast of The Witches of Eastwick (the musical), and that was fun. I'd never read the book by John Updike or seen the movie with Jack Nicholson, Cher, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Susan Sarandon, so we rented that from Amazon this afternoon. I enjoyed both the movie and the musical.

We didn't play the game today because Brenda was ill. Here's hoping she's much better soon. I did get the notes finished on Saturday, and I ran some errands. YKWIA made a salad for tonight, to go with artichoke potato soup and leek risotto he made the night before. I made some herb bread tonight right before bed, this time with parsley, dill seed, caraway seed, sundried tomato, garlic, rosemary, onion, basil, green been peppers, oregano, thyme, and black pepper. It smells divine:

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