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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Can you have a day that is kind of quiet and relaxing but busy as well?

So most of the early part of my day was relaxing. I played on the computer, looked at some librarian jobs that looked promising that I will apply for, and never even made my bed because the cat was on it, very comfy, for most of the morning and into the afternoon. About 1 pm I got ready and went to the library because a hold had arrived, 'A is for Alibi' by Sue Grafton. I'd told myself a long time ago I'd give the mysteries a try once the series was complete. (I don't know why; it was just a thing. Maybe it's sense of perfection.) Of course, she never finished the alphabet, dying after the 'Y' book was published. So I guess that's all there will be. So I put it on hold right after her death and just got it. I also picked up a picture book of words in various languages that don't really translate to English (I am such a language geek) and a book on gardening. I also went to the grocery and got some laundry soap and a couple of soda 2-litres for the weekend. Brenda is doing better and we're planning to play the game, and we're at a crucial part of the story, so being caffeinated is a must. The notes were finished weeks ago, at least.

When I got home, I caffeinated and then began laundry with the dog blankets, and then my bedding, and then YKWIA's lights.  I still have his darks to do, and his bedding (but since he's taking a nap, that may not happen tonight), as well as a load for myself.  I have also watered the plants, cleaned the bathroom completely, swept the house (except the kitchen, more on that later), cleaned the cat box, and taken out the kitchen trash and the recyclables.  It is raining pretty decently today, and there's not supposed to be rain tomorrow, so the plan is to sweep and mop the tile tomorrow.  I can do his bedclothes too.  Otherwise, the house is set for tomorrow.

I've also eaten kugel for two meals and some salad YKWIA had me help with yesterday.  I would have the soup, but he does some magic with bread and an egg-broth mixture before he puts the soup into the bowl, and of course, he's asleep at the moment.  But the rest was really good, too.  The soup is a Brussels sprout/leek mixture, and it's wonderful.  And of course, kugel is always great.

One of the dogs sleeps on a blanket on the floor, and there's something in each room of the house for her to lie on.  She was most distressed that I took them up for the laundry.  I gathered them together and had them on the kitchen floor and she came and draped herself on them.  I had to take them, one by one until she moved. Poor thing.

Okay, I should go work on the laundry. Both buzzers have sounded.

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