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Sunday, January 28, 2018

I woke up at 7 am, but went back to bed till about 9

And I feel great this morning. I've eaten the last of the bread with peanut butter and banana, started a new loaf going, let the dogs out, fed the animals, let the dogs out again, had a shower, and caffeinated.  Technically I'm not supposed to feed the animals or let the dogs out in the morning, as we want to discourage the little dog from barking in the morning or otherwise expecting me to do everything.  But it was 10 o'clock, YKWIA stayed up late reading and was still in bed, so I took care of them.  I usually do those things in the evening.  But I think they're okay, and hopefully, they won't associate me with morning breakfast in the future.

YKWIA is waking up.  Or at least we talked for awhile about his dreams, and then I left him to start the wake-up process.  But he hasn't ventured out of the bedroom yet to make coffee.  I can hear him, though, so he must be awake.

Since I did so much yesterday, all I have to do is do the kitchen floor, finish the laundry (after the bread is finished, as it's on top of the washer), and load the dishwasher (after he unloads it).

I'm both excited about and dreading the game today; so much is riding on us in this adventure.  Not just saving the world, as we do that fairly often.  We're time travelling, and He Who Shall Not Be Named (and I don't mean Voldemort--Google Cthulhu Mythos and that if you'd like) is trying to eliminate a family from the timeline that includes our time-travelling ride home, and every single one of Brenda's characters except the two on this adventure, plus one of mine, and one of my character's children, plus various other children.  Literally, they could be wiped from existence, as if they never existed.  Well, they wouldn't have.  It's looking dire.  And even if we survive Norman England, there's the third leg of this campaign that is set in the far future.

Okay, I'm going to go work on the floor and check how the bread is progressing, and YKWIA is up, so I'm going to give him some quiet time for waking up fully.  Hope you have a good day.

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