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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What's black and blue and sore all over?

Me. Okay, the bruising hasn't properly set in yet, but there are the scrapes, the swelling, and general did-anyone-get-the-plate-on-the-bus-that-hit-me aches. No, no bus. I fell walking into work. I'd just left the grass, which was damp and had walked onto the blacktop when the damn surgical boot, which is hard plastic much like dress shoes on the bottom, skidded right under me and there I was, flat on my back with my broken right foot pleasantly cushioned but my left foot directly under my upper thigh, something I didn't think was possible, even when I have done yoga. My knee's the worst. At least I didn't hit my head. (I think. Like I said, I was stunned, and that lasted until about 3 in the afternoon.)

So the first part of my Monday, after the nice security guard who saw me helped me up and chased down my frozen fish meal, some change, and my cell phone (all of which went flying)--although so did a Fresca that rolled clear down the hill to the end of the parking lot, which I didn't chase after because I was still stunned, was spent filling out an incident report and filing it. Earlier in the morning I'd checked my finances and discovered I was going to overdraft by 19 cents, so I deposited a quarter (hey, I didn't have much on me) in the bank. Then this. On top of yesterday's fiasco (oh, yeah, I didn't tell you--two characters in the game are practically dead, a beloved NPC (non-player character) and one of mine who was on her very first mission. None of us thought to bring oxygen masques with us when repelling down a 400 ft deep oil derrick shaft. The NPC, who was in charge, continued despite our attempts to get her to come back up, and then fell. Mine climbed down the rest of the way to get her, but I didn't think fast enough and passed out myself. Both were revived, but they're in the hospital, both on a ventilator, and I don't think there's much hope.

So, the week's started out crappy. But it should get better from here. Tomorrow is my favourite Scorpio's birthday. I'll have to give him a belated gift...I was going to try to get him a subscription to a sports magazine he loves, but the price range was between $80 and $120 a year, depending on what payment plan you do and where you go to get it...way out of my league. I like A but gee, I have medical journals in the library that are less than that. So, it will have to be something else. And of course Wednesday is Halloween. I have to work at the store though so I don't know about wearing a costume to the library. If I paint my face, for example, I'd have to get all the makeup off and change. Plus I'm out of ideas for this year and strapped for money. Fortunately I get paid on Wednesday (most likely) and have food at home and gas in the car. Maybe I'll just wear black.

Well, that's all for now. No, wait, today's fortune cookie is: A good beginning is half done. I wonder if that counts for the opposite. Okay, that's it. Good night.

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