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Friday, October 26, 2007

A snippet of my day

Today's radioplay (yay, they're back!): Colonel Warburton's Madness
Today's fortune cookie: There is no mistake so great as that of being always right.
Today's dinner: Voodoo Red Beans from Gumbo Ya Ya (yay, something other than peanut butter!)

Okay, so I'm getting used to my desk. I'm still working on the ergonomics. I have a keyboard tray and mouse pad that hang underneath the desk so I'm further from the screen than I used to be. My computer is in the corner of the desk, so my phone is on the left a ways. Remember it's 6' x 6' so there's a lot of space. I did manage to incorporate the orchids, African violets, and Christmas cactus on the desk. The amaryllis and aloe vera remain in the window. The primroses and cyclamen got chucked after months of limping along. My little zen garden is next to the computer. I have a picture of Hekate and the Orphic hymn to her on my tack board. I did go ahead and put my files that I don't deal with constantly in plastic bins under the desk for now so I can take them out a little at a time. Between the plastic bins, the drawer units, the trash can, and my foot rest, all the space underneath is taken. But I was able to move the copier and public computers down by about 8 inches so I have more room and don't feel claustrophobic. Plus I have the windows behind and left of me. Today was mostly spent going through the e-mail of the last three four days, doing some interlibrary loans, and answering questions about the national award for which I am the jury chair. Next week I take my easel to storage (felt board on one side, magnetic chalkboard on the other), have a bulletin board put up and another taken to storage, and get a Ray Harm print hung (one fit over my desk, the other needs to move between the windows). There are three total in the library--a bald eagle, an indigo bunting (the one over my desk) and I can't remember the name of the other, the one to be hung--it's a brown bird with a butterfly. I also need to send some journals I'm weeding to other libraries and dispose of the ones no one wanted. Then the big project happens--taking off journals so that the shelving units can be moved over. Gack.

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