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Friday, August 19, 2016


  1. Yesterday morning, I managed to get to the gas station even though I was over 12 miles on my gas light, and I got it to 3/4 of a tank. I had a sense of accomplishment all morning as a result.
  2. Yesterday afternoon, before leaving for my eye exam, I tested my blood sugar and it was completely normal--105 mg/dL. I had my exam. Turns out my old glasses are too strong (as were the contacts), and so my prescription went back a little on distance and increased in terms of the bifocal so that I can hopefully read small print better (I've been having to take my glasses off to see my phone, and then hold it something like four inches from my face because I am nearsighted). These frames are also purple (I was going to go with tortoise-shell or something like that, but really, the purple was best on me, and they didn't any of what I was looking for in tortoise-shell). Because I was looking for a specific type of glasses (the one with magnetic sunglasses, and my insurance currently only works with one manufacturer that they carry in them), I had my choice of about seven frames. But I like my choice, and can have the sunglasses rather than the Transitions lenses, which don't turn dark while driving a car. I did get an anti-glare coating and progressive bifocals (that's what I'm used to). All told, the glasses and frames would have come to over $1000. My part, including the co-pay for the eye exam, was right at $300, most of which I was able to put on the last of my flexible spending card, so I paid about $65 altogether, which I didn't think was bad. They should be there in about two weeks (my insurance requires them to go through its labs).
  3. After that I went to Meijer, which is in the same shopping centre, and got a cable for my glucometer and a few groceries. I came home and pretty much got ready for bed, as I had an early appointment this morning.
  4. Today I got up really, really early (4:15 am!) so I could go get YKWIA up and drag him to my 7:30 appointment with my endocrinologist, since he had an appointment at 9 am [well, 8:45, as they called a day or so before and said be here then], and we were trying to get to both. Despite crossing a black cat's path (just kidding, although I did), everything worked out fine. My blood sugar in the office was 112; the hA1c was 6.8%, down from 7.4% last time, and at one point I was 10.4%. So I'm doing much better. Actually, at the level I'm testing now, my next hA1c should be in the area of 5.8-6.2, as it's running on average about 121 mg/dL. Of course, that's dependent on me keeping up the good work. And because I am doing better, I don't have another appointment until February. She did tell me to go down on the morning long-acting insulin by 5 units if I continue to have lows before lunch. I've already gone down 10 units, so that may be enough. She doesn't want me having to eat to keep up with my insulin, but rather reduce the insulin if needed, which (of course) makes sense. The worst part of the morning is since I needed fasting labs, I didn't have anything to eat or drink other than water this morning, so no caffeine, either. The best part is I still managed to get to YKWIA's appointment early, even though they'd called and moved it up by 15 minutes.
  5. YKWIA bought me breakfast after our appointments at McDonald's drive-through since I had taken him. After getting to work, one of my (sometimes) supervisors bought her people lunch at Columbia's Steakhouse today and included me, since I help out in the scheduling department sometimes. I had a fish sandwich with giant steak fries. But the fried food didn't sit well on my stomach, I have to admit, and so I just ate dinner and it's almost 9:30 pm--I became really hungry just a little while ago. YKWIA and I went and got some groceries for our respective homes, and so I got some burritos and some veggie sausage/egg/biscuit sandwiches and had some of the latter for dinner, along with some string cheese and a banana.
  6. I am so sleepy. I've been up for almost 18 hours, and I think it's time to call it a day. I need to be over at YKWIA's by 10 am tomorrow, and I have some things to do before then, so I'm going to try to get up early (but not nearly as early as today).
Okay, that's all folks. Hope you have a good weekend. Good night!

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