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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I had a very vivid dream last night

A friend and I were participating in some sort of exercise where everyone had to work together to get through a series of puzzles or obstacles--sort of the opposite of 'Survivor', as the idea was the group as a whole had to get through, or at least the majority, through cooperative effort. Afterward, the sky turned a brilliant green (yes, green, very bright but a light shade), and there were stars and meteors. I remember being so happy that my friend could see the streaks of meteors (he has poor vision, and can't really see stars in the sky). Then the sky changed to a darker, more menacing colour of blue and purple, with hurtling explosions and things got scary. Apparently the world was going to end unless the correct person was edited out of the program creating the world, and it would be like they never existed. My friend had to sit down and carefully edit out first one person and then another until the sky turned back to 'normal'. I was one of the one sacrificed for the greater good. Even in my dreams I'm a martyr. *shakes head* Anyway, he finally got the right one and everything was okay again. I think it was brought on by a combination of the Perseid meteor shower last week (and I was lucky enough to see a fairly large one streak across the sky, even with the city lights), as well as being intrigued by the video game that just came out, No Man's Sky, which in all the news stories has a green sky (although not the vivid green of my dream). I slept throughout the night, dreaming, and stirred just a couple of times and then went right back into the dream.

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