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Friday, August 12, 2016

Well, that doesn't make sense

This morning I managed to make myself presentable in general but forgot to refill my pillbox with my oral meds, and while I had my potassium bottle with me, I did not have the diuretic that went with it, so I'm not supposed to take it. As expected, I swelled up like an overstuffed balloon, especially my ankle--and especially the one that was broken when I got hit by the car almost four years ago. What I don't get is I weighed myself this morning and, curious, was wondering how much water weight I'm keeping on me now that I'm as tight as a stuffed sausage--and I weigh two pounds less than this morning. I give up on trying to figure it all out.

Last night I got home at 11:30 pm after running many errands for others; tonight I got home at 11:30 pm after helping a friend with various things, including cooking. (I made pesto by hand, because the blender is somewhat dubious at the moment, with a mortar and pestle and lots of stirring) It was nice, however, that when I got out of the car, I looked up, knowing the Perseid meteor shower is going at peak, just in case, and a lovely shooting star went right across the sky, one big enough to make it through the light pollution here at what used to be at the edge of the city, but which is now merely outer Lexington. Yay! I forgot to make a wish, though. :) My main wish at that moment was to come in and get a shower--it's very humid out there, even now, and I've been sticky most of the day.

Today I rescheduled one appointment and then starting calling opticians around Lexington. See, last year I got an eye exam, but my blood sugar had been running high, and so when I wore the contacts and the glucose was back in the normal levels (as it usually is these days), things were blurry, so I've been wearing my glasses that are between 2-4 years old. But today I found out that it's not a revolving year; my benefits kick in each January. I can get new frames every other year, and new lenses every year, so I'm eligible now, even though it hasn't been a year since I got the contacts. I still have about $258 on my flexible spending card, too, so that should help. I usually spend some extra on my glasses than the insurance because I get progressive bifocals and (usually) Transitions lenses, which turn dark in daylight. However, a serious drawback to the Transitions lenses is even though they are good when you are walking around outside, they are absolutely useless when you're driving and it's sunny. See, the auto glass prevents the transition, but doesn't block out the UV enough to help protect your eyes from damage. What I need are sunglasses. But I don't want separate pairs of prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses. Years ago I had a pair that had a magnetic clip that affixed the sunglasses to the glasses frames. I called around to see if anyone still carried those. My normal optician stopped carrying them three years ago. I tried another in-network group, and they didn't, but they suggested their second location, and I hit pay dirt with them. I have an appointment on September 2nd, and am on the call list should there be cancellations between now and then. Yay, again!

Okay, it's after midnight. I am ready for bed. Tomorrow promises to be a fairly long day, too, as a friend has an appointment after work and then we were going to go over some bills. I'm going to try to finish the notes tomorrow during his appointment--I just got a start on them last time, but then we did a lot of visiting and not a lot of action, until the end, so it should go pretty quickly. Investigation is what really bogs me down in the notes, because of all the details. This was mostly interactions and then one of Brenda's characters was attacked by someone towards the end of the game and fought him off. So I might be able to get it all done in that hour-long appointment. If not, maybe I can do most of it and have a little of Saturday to finish up. We'll see. I'm glad we're playing again, though. Okay, good night for now. Hope you're having a good week.

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