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Friday, August 05, 2016


I did a lot of stuff at work,  went to a friend's appointment,  watched 'Bones'  in the waiting room, got my allergy shots,  paid my rent,  spent the longest time ever in a Drive-Through at Captain D's (We could have gone inside and eaten in the time it took,  they messed up the tea with sweetener,  and I was asked three times what sauces I wanted,  when it was just vinegar), listened to platypus noises and classic Catherine Tate sketches on YouTube,  and now it's late and I have to get over at a friend's by 7 or 7:30 am for an appointment.  And my phone just reminded me it's time for bed.  So,  good night.  Happy weekend!

PS I found out YKWIA did not realise that Catherine Tate was Donna Noble on 'Doctor Who'. He doesn't tend to recognise actresses and actors in different roles for some reason. He had the epiphany today. An artist, he's a very visual person, but he has no filter, really. If an actress is blonde and then changes her hair, he won't recognise her, because he sees her as a whole rather than being able to differentiate the parts. He has that issue in languages, too. When we were in Hebrew together, I was horrified to learn he couldn't pick out the pattern (he has dyslexia) in terms of conjugation and declination, but rather had to memorise each and every form separately. Despite this, he has a facility for languages and has studied several, all with a variety of different endings for various words. Hebrew, of course, is even more of an issue because unlike Latin, Greek, etc., it's not just the endings--rather there is a root of about three letters and everything--and I mean everything (prefix, suffix, vowels, emphasis) changes. I'm just amazed. He also does lower math incredibly fast using a system of colours and shapes in his mind that boggled the mind of a friend (she almost understood it, and it nearly broke her)--and she's now an engineer with NASA. But he has trouble with the concept of 1/4 = 1 divided by 4 = 0.25 = 25%. I don't think he went past geometry. On the other hand, I've used algebra exactly once post-college, so hey, it hasn't been a great handicap for someone who majored in history, philosophy, and art. I truly envy his memory though, which is nearly eidetic, and of course he's brilliant and has an IQ that's through the roof, and I often feel pretty stupid by comparison and have to remind myself that I test pretty high myself. If he'd been able to do math better, he'd probably be some sort of mad scientist--it was what he wanted to be when he grew up.

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