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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I'm at the first of two appointments today

and I brought the laptop with me, since each may take awhile. Unfortunately, the first used to have free Wi-Fi, and it still shows up even though they moved to a different part of the building, but no one in the office seems to know the password, so I'm using my phone to get online instead, using my hotspot that comes with my data plan.

I catalogued 22 books this morning and processed them. I think I have about six or eight more to go. I would have pushed for those but my blood sugar dropped to 62 so I stopped and went to the cafeteria for some orange juice, and then when I came back went to my normal afternoon tasks since I was missing part of that time. But I got everything that had to be done today finished, yay. The rest of the week should be normal in terms of time; the only other appointment is after work on Friday, and the second appointment tonight isn't till 6:30 pm. I'm going to try to work on the game notes at the next one, which is longer. This one is shorter...in fact, he just came through the door. Better, close up shop for now.

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