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Sunday, August 07, 2016

Just got in

from getting A home from work. I've spent the day running people to various appointments and to the grocery store, and I got home after 7 pm, ate, and then around 8:30 just crashed. A had to call me twice to wake me up before it was time to leave, and then I was befuddled enough to go to the bathroom and start getting clothes on when I realised my bedroom blinds were still open and the light was on. Sorry about that, world and neighbours. But I quickly cleared up and actually think I have figured out the light timings on Richmond Road going downtown now. Basically just slow down if the next light is red, speed up if it's green, and if you do it just right, you don't sit for any length of time. As I was turning into his workplace, I saw a van that was playing loud music and they had a TV in the back with the screen on that had to have been at least 32" or maybe even 40". It was a little disconcerting. That can't be good for anyone driving behind them in terms of distraction--even those little DVD player screens can be a little odd at night.

Tomorrow is the game, yay! I need to get up early, get my laundry together, head over there, clean house, and then we can play around 1 or 2 pm. Brenda's son doesn't get off work till late, and I don't have to get A until midnight, so we can play as long as we'd like, really. We usually play till somewhere between 8 to 10 pm. Of course, the game master has had four months or so to plot our demise (or worse, as in Cthulhu, dying is much easier than living with the results of some of our adventures). We had one character who's locked away because his skin is now transparent, for example.

To that end I should head back to bed, but first I wanted to see if you'd seen this....

Refugee Olympic Team to Shine Spotlight on WOrldwide Refugee Crisis: Ten Refugee Athletes Will Act as a Symbol of Hope for Refugees Worldwide and Bring Global Attention to the Magnitude of the Refugee Crisis When They Take Part in the Olympic Games Rio 2015 This Summer

They paraded in the opening ceremony under the Olympic flag right before Brazil at the end of the procession. Here's wishing them success. I think it's an excellent move. I'm not much of an Olympics watcher (I used to as a kid, but one, I'm not really into sports, and two, it's a lot different than it was then). So I didn't see the opening ceremony. But I thought this was great. Of course I wish success to Team USA, and hope that all the athletes do their best without injury. And I hope these Olympics go off without violence or anything like that.

Are you an Olympics junkie? I pretty much limit my watching (when I catch it) to gymnastics in the summer and ice skating in the winter, but that's about it. But I know people who will be watching on any device they are near.

Okay, morning comes early--I'm supposed to be over there by 9 am. Good night.

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