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Thursday, August 18, 2016

A strange combination

Tonight things were pretty bare in the cupboard when I got home about 9:30 pm after running errands with A. I wasn't really hungry,  but needed to eat,  so I had a small bit of a Dove chocolate bunny (we'd had them donated at the hospital last week and I've slowly been eating it) .  It's solid chocolate,  and very rich,  so I didn't have much,  and I didn't want to blow my blood sugar through the roof, as I have my eye exam tomorrow. But then I feel asleep,  woke up about 1:30 an,  realised I hadn't had my Lantus (long-acting insulin),  gave myself a shot,  and also realised I felt odd and should probably take a reading,  which I did,  with difficulty.  If I can't get enough blood out of my finger after three sticks,  is a sure sign I'm low,  and,  indeed,  I was 53. I ate the last bit of the bunny and then microwaved the one bit of real food in the house - - Gorton's grilled Salmon,  which is probably what I should have eaten in the first place. So I've eaten that and my glucose is up to 93. I'm glad I see my endocrinologist day after tomorrow.

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