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Monday, August 24, 2015

Two young deer

just bounded in front of me as I turned from Man O'War Blvd. onto Beaver Creek, right where that church is on the corner. I managed to stop, as I had a clear view of the church grounds and of them coming, although it did surprise me; another woman almost hit one. Then they just went right down the sidewalk, bounding along one of the courts that goes off of Beaver Creek opposite of the church. It was kind of thrilling, given that I've never seen deer around here, despite the reservoir being nearby. I saw deer out at Eastern State Hospital when I was teaching, one evening after class, but that's out by UK's Coldstream Farm. Before that, I'd never seen deer in the city of Lexington. We are outside of Man O' War, but are by no means on the outskirts of town, really.

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