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Monday, August 03, 2015

Having eggs and peanut butter bread for dinner

So far after work I have taken a nap, boiled a dozen eggs for dinner and breakfast over the next few days, and rearranged the cabinets of my kitchen for ease of use (baking stuff together, pasta and rice, tea and other beverages, that sort of thing). I made room for food when I get paid. I discovered a pretty pasta in tins and put it in a clear bottle for decoration, but sealed it so it would be fresh. A lot of the stuff is pretty old, actually, but much of it doesn't really go bad easily. I was looking for vital wheat gluten because I'm out of my white bread flour and the wheat usually takes gluten to get big and fluffy. Alas, there was none. I did find a recipe online to try that has gluten as an optional ingredient. So I'll try to bake some more bread tonight before going to bed. I boiled the eggs using the cold method, and they're hard to peel. I'll use the hot method next time; that is supposed to work better.

I just called my mom and wished her a happy birthday. I sent her a card last week. I haven't seen her since she was ill earlier in the year, but we talked for awhile.

The sun is going down. The cicadas are very loud outside. My burst of energy is gone. I think I'll set the bread machine up, wipe down the counters and kitchen island, and then go do something relaxing soon. Good night.

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