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Friday, August 07, 2015


Earlier I was in the waiting room during a friend's appointment. Now I've dropped him off, and we decided not to work on what we were going to tonight, and try again tomorrow, because we were both tired. So I made him some tea and headed home. It's been a rough week. I'm ready for some rest. Tomorrow I need to:
  1. Talk to some people about financial matters and try to work out arrangements.
  2. Go to my friends' and take their dogs to the dog washing room at Incredipet for washies.
  3. Take my friend to the grocery store.
  4. Work on the project we put off.
  5. Do the game notes.
Not too bad for a Saturday. Sunday is the game. I was dreading last week's a little because it seemed one of three characters, if not all of them, would die, two of mine and one non-player character, but they got through everything, and my characters have their mystical powers back, so things can kind of return to normal. Plus, we breezed through the time in the game. We used to have a player who wanted to play out almost every moment of the day, except when dealing with the children. It took us two actual real life years to get through an Antarctic campaign, Beyond the Mountains of Madness. Really. When we started the game, it was in both game terms and real life 1991. Sometimes we've been ahead of real time, sometimes behind. Right now, we were just on the night of January 31, 2011. So there you go.

I should read, or watch something, or even just listen to music, but I'm enjoying the quiet and the gentle breeze of the fan by my bed. Even though it's pretty early, I think I might go on to bed. Maybe I can catch up on my rest. It has been a long and difficult, if very productive week. Good night.

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