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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Found a book lurking among others

that was supposed to go back to the library today, but I couldn't find it. When you have upwards of three thousand books, it's easy for one small paperback to hide among the camouflage. But I did find it, and if I can drop it by tomorrow morning on the way to work, that would be great, because there won't be a late charge since they won't be open yet. But I have to go back after work because a hold has arrived for me and I need to check it out.

Of course, that may present a difficulty, as my gas light came on while on the way home from my friends' house, and I have no money in cash or my account, no way to charge gas, and barely even any change. I could probably rely on my friends to help, especially as I have an errand to take them on Wednesday, but that doesn't help me get to work tomorrow. I can probably get there, but beyond that, I'm not sure. I get paid on Thursday, so that's one good thing, although most of of it is already allocated.

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