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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Today we didn't have a Cthulhu game

So I slept in till 10 am (which was great, as I was up late last night baking bread). I took my laundry over to my friends' house as well as three trash bags of clothes to donate through Cedar Lake (they normally donate there, and they'll come pick it up at their house, and they can leave them on the front porch, as opposed to me, who cannot put anything in my apartment building hallway). I did my laundry, did the normal chores I do over there (although A did the sweeping and mopping--he offered yesterday if I would wash the dishes). YKWIA and I watched an episode of 'Lost Girl'. I had the Fae pegged in that one, immediately recognising a Nightmare and figuring out the other was a Sandman. What can I say, I've had a lifelong interest in folklore, so I usually figure out what each person is; the only one I had trouble with was Hale, who is a Siren, and that's mainly because most Sirens in folklore are female. It's a really interesting show. The story is about a woman, named Bo, who is a Succubus, meaning she feeds on sexual energy. She has a roommate, Kenzie, who is human. She was adopted out in the Midwest and doesn't know who her real parents are, and has been on the run for ten years because when she feeds, she kills her lovers. She discovers she is a Fae, a supernatural creature who is basically immortal (but can be killed), and the Fae have an entire society unknown to humans. Fae feed off humans in some way, whether it's their dreams, their lifeforce, their bodies--they include Werewolves, Vampires, Brownies, Red Caps--all sorts of supernatural beings. Like the Fae of legend, there are Light Fae and Dark Fae--you choose one when you come of age, and Bo is forced to go through a ceremony where they expect you to choose, and instead stays unaligned and a protector of humans. It's a Canadian show with a lot of complexity. I'm really enjoying it.

Now I'm home. I've felt pretty decent today, much better in fact, but I wanted a little time to myself these evening. I'm not quite sure what's on the agenda; I think I'll wing it.

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