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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tired and hurting and hot

Today I did a lot of pulling specific sheets for the last 90 days out of my files,  which are organised by date and then last name,  so essentially I had to go through each sheet for the last three months and pull out and copy what was needed.  That took about two and a half hours,  and my wrists and hands were really hurting by the time I got off work.

I went over to my friends' house and watched some 'Will &  Grace'  and three episodes of 'Spooksville',  which is a fun little show, and I swear it sounds just like Arkham,  Massachusetts in our Call of Cthulhu game,  with eccentric townsfolk and supernatural happenings. And the town librarian is one of the oddest. 

After that I finished my chores from the other day,  sweeping, mopping,  and dusting.  YKWIA had fallen asleep,  while A was watching 'Castle'.  He saw me out and I came on home,  with no deer this time.  Now I'm lying in bed in front of the fan,  and I may just go on to bed.  That means putting on my night wrist splints,  which are helping (along with the day ones at work).  I asked our occupational therapy folks to do an ergonomic assessment of my workstation,  so hopefully they'll do that soon.

Okay,  I guess this is good night.  Hope your week is going well.

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