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Friday, May 27, 2016

Midnight regimen

  1. Banana.
  2. Brush teeth.
  3. Drink water.
  4. Lantus shot.
  5. One of my normal pills.
  6. Albuterol treatment with nebuliser.
  7. Clean the assembly.
  8. Drink water.
  9. Codeine cough syrup.
  10. Recharge nebuliser (It's down to one of three battery levels, after 24 hours/3 treatments. Not bad.)
  11. Return to bed.
Of course, I fell asleep earlier. Why wouldn't you expect it? Besides, I'm sick. :) BUt I got at least four hours of sleep just now. If I can get another four, I'll be happy. I'm almost done with my breathing treatment--just a little more medicine to go. It really does sound like Darth Vader. I suggest getting kids to take it with that in mind. So after that it's just the quick cleanup, the cough syrup, and back to bed. Good night. Oh, and for the record, the codeine syrup isn't quite cherry, either, though it tries. :)

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