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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Well, about a third of my library is bare, now

Thanks to one of our doctors, I was put in contact with the founder of a local organisation [We Serve Foundation] that takes books and sends them to India. Dr. Viji came last week and then today he brought boxes and I boxed the unbound journals up and he put the boxes in his car and took them over to the International Book Project's warehouse (they're a partner organisation that is also based here in Lexington). It took four trips, about thirty boxes. I packed about 780 bound journals. Tomorrow we do the unbound ones. All told we're talking about 84 three-foot shelves, so about 252 linear feet of materials. We did 108 linear feet today, so I'm a little sore and will no doubt be stiff tomorrow. But at least they'll be used and appreciated, and not recycled or trashed. 

I'm glad that he's going to be able to take them and put them to good use. But I have to admit, I'm a bit sore from all that packing and the little bit of lifting I did. 

I won't include the picture of us shaking hands or standing next together, because I don't really have his permission to publish the picture here, and I think our PR person will take care of that on social media, but this shows about a third to a half of the journals taken away. The rest are bare now, over past that book truck on the right.

It's a little sad, of course. Soon I'll be in a (virtually) empty room. I'm still working on the books, trying to get them to the departments, and his organisation may get whatever's not taken. But as of tomorrow, I'll just have books in the library, no journals, except for a few the staff wanted.

So now I'm home. I had thought to go to the library, but I'm relaxed, in my nightshirt, have eaten, and I am listening to music. Maybe I'll just relax, and maybe take a long bath later, so that I don't stiffen up. I'll keep you posted.

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