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Sunday, January 22, 2017

My poor neglected blog

Okay, folks, I'm really not trying to let this blog die. The holidays were insanely busy, and now I've been ill, and yesterday, when I was working on the game notes, was the first time I'd plugged the laptop into the monitor/rest of the system on the computer desk in probably six weeks. Really.

Friday I was able to go back to work at 1 pm, and I got caught up on my charge entry. One good thing about being sick with pinkeye, though, is I am temporarily being treated as a plague-bearer by friends, and so Friday night was all about listening to my audiobook and resting. Saturday I went in early to work (with permission to work on Saturday) and made up some hours and finished the policies I had to edit). I then took YKWIA to an appointment, but wasn't allowed to touch anything in his house. He rode in the back seat of the car, and when I picked him and another friend up, they remained in the back. I took the one to the Women's March here in Lexington, drove the other by the store and then home, and returned home. Again, there was plenty of 'reading', rest, and I did tackle the bathroom, including details like the shower and the hair catcher that sits in the drain that, while not bad on hair, had some soap scum on it that was preventing it from draining properly. It took an hour, but I got everything but the floor taken care of (I'll mop the kitchen and bath later, when everything else is taken care of).

Today we had planned to play the game, although the one wanted me to wear gloves, because he really did not trust the '24 hours of drop rule', so from 7:30 pm to 11 pm I did game notes. It included a lot of investigation, you see, so it took longer than normal. Then I picked up the one friend from work at 1 am (he sat in the front). This morning I was up at 7:30, although I'd planned to sleep a little later, since I didn't have to clean for the game, and went to Kroger and fortunately managed to the Stahist AD that Chinoe had not had, and some Mucinex, and that was about $30 altogether. But I feel much better than this morning. I thought I'd have to call the game off, but then my friend who is the game master called and he was not well either, and wanted to cancel, but wanted me to come over (with gloves) for a quick grocery run with my other friend who is strong and can lift big bags of dog food and large cat litter boxes. I called Brenda, left a message, and then at the appointed time went and got A and the card and we went to the grocery, brought in the stuff, and were getting ready to leave, when Brenda came driving up, having not gotten my message. After explaining to her what was going on, she turned back for home, I took A to work, and then went on home. I was kind of tired, so I ate something and laid down for what was going to be a half-hour nap that turned into two hours. I remember vaguely blessed sunshine coming in through the window (it's been grey and gloomy, with rain, for days). Now I'm up, I've fortified myself, and I have two goals tonight: to clean the kitchen thoroughly and take down the Yule tree.

Yes, it's still up, with the decorations on and everything. The wreath is still on the door, but actually two of my neighbours still have theirs up, too, so either we're all having a difficult winter, or it's more acceptable. I mean, my wreath doesn't have Santa Claus or anything like that--just greenery, fruit, and pinecones. So it's still 'wintery', I suppose. But it's all coming down tonight and getting packed away. I did manage to get around the tree and do some plant watering yesterday. Some look pretty peaked; I think I'm going to have to go through a cull. On the other hand, I've got two orchids at work getting ready to rebloom, and a whole slew of plants at work that are going to have to come home in two months, so there is that.

Okay, I'm going to go blow my nose and get some more caffeine. I think I'll start with the tree. I'll try to write later, and get in the habit of writing more. I need to pick A up at midnight, but otherwise need to get up early because I'm dropping the car off at the shop tomorrow and meeting a co-worker at 7:30 so she can be at work for an 8 am meeting. Those brakes need fixing, and it's definitely time.

PS I'm getting ready to start chapter 26 of The Cave and the Light. Only five more to go, and one is an afterword, I think, because it's only 2 or so minutes long. :)

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