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Thursday, February 05, 2015


Well, I did some checking at the normal rates offered online through the hotel (although there may be a special rate the school can get), and it would be about $190 for the hotel, $30 or so for the museum. Putting in some spending money and transportation costs, and I just don't see how I come up with it at this point. Which is a shame, because I think this is the last year of my appointment. The one time I did have an extra day set up, I got hit by a car and had to cancel the trip entirely due to a broken ankle. Last year I could have used a credit card, but I was only approved for it right before the trip, so the plans and itinerary were already in place. I am beginning to think this is not meant to be.

I've already spent much of my federal refund on bills. I guess that's a better way to be fiscally responsible, anyway. My big splurge was ordering Jin Jin yesterday for lunch, and then eating the other half for dinner. Oh, well.

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