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Sunday, June 28, 2015

One of those nights

So I was taking a nap and dreaming about the Cthulhu game and in my dream I was counting and doing math to see what year I turn 65 and wondering if we'd still be playing (so far it has been 24 years next week).  My clock beeped the hour chime and I woke up,  and the sky was barely light,  and I was like,  'oh,  no,  it's morning and I haven't done the game notes yet!'   After a moment I realised it was 9 pm and the sun was going down,  not dawn. So now I just finished the notes,  and it's off to bed for real.  I wonder if there's a name for thinking you've slept the night away? And you know,  I never did finish the math. I think it's 2032. Here's to playing even then,  even if we're all in the same retirement home.  :)

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