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Monday, June 08, 2015

It was so nice to be back and able to visit with friends

Today was National Best Friend Day, in case you missed the memo, so after work I took some soy burgers, whole wheat buns, egg mustard potato salad, and cookies over to my friends' house and we all had a nice dinner. YKWIA and I watched some videos (including the one below), and then a couple of paired episodes of 'House of Anubis'.

As great as this weekend was, I was happy to get back into my routine with work and then spend time with my friends, whom I had missed, I must admit. Still, it was nice to get away from the norm for a couple of days.

Totally off topic, I've reserved Windows 10 for both computers, as the little Windows logo appeared in my desktop tray, and it has you go ahead and sign up. It'll be released on July 29th.

As another non sequitur, I just had the best, sweetest California blackberries. They tasted as fresh as if I'd just gotten them from a field. Yay!

I do have to admit that I didn't really feel that tired from the weekend until today, when I've struggled to stay awake. Now I;m thinking of going on to bed to crash. After all, the fan is in the bedroom and I've become hot this evening, even with air conditioning and the fact that it's only 70 degrees in my apartment and middling humidity. I am going to have to call my landlady tomorrow, though, as my air conditioning, which is above a walk-in closet, in which I try not to keep anything easily damaged, is leaking slowly. So they'll probably have to take what's in there out (the Christmas tree in a big container, a bedside commode, a shower chair, and that sort of thing) out, and fix it. But that is for tomorrow. For now, I am going to turn the laptop off, turn out the aquaria lights, and set my alarms, after I do a quick check of the news. I had a clock application freeze this morning, causing me to think it was an hour earlier than it really was, but fortunately I discovered it with just enough time to get to work on time. So here's to that not happening again. Good night.

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