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Saturday, June 20, 2015

It is now 2:42 in the morning and I am just getting home

after being up since a little before 7 am and going into work early due to my schedule being adjusted so I could go get an allergy shot after work, which I did. I then picked up some toilet paper from my apartment and ran it over to my friends' as they were out, ate some Morningstar Farms tomato basil pizza burgers and macaroni and cheese, watched a few things with YKWIA, and took A on a very long and grueling run to the grocery store (it was a two-cart run). I fixed YKWIA some dinner, and we watched some 'Grace and Frankie' and the beginning of the second season of 'House of Anubis'. Then YKWIA and I made four (count them, four) traditional derby-style pies for A's picnic tomorrow. We just finished a short while ago. They're in the pantry cooling on racks.

So now I'm home, and very, very tired. I am also very poor at the moment, and just raided a coin-collecting book that had about $5 worth of state quarters in it so that I could pay for parking tomorrow, as I need to go visit my mom, who's in a hospital here in Lexington. My stepfather called me earlier to let me know. I'm worried about her; this is the second hospitalisation in two months. Hopefully everything will be alright.

Okay, I have a little spinach-artichoke hummus and pita in me now. I'm heading to bed, after one more short post. Good night.

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