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Thursday, March 30, 2017

It was a good last day, really

  1. One of our coworkers who works with various charities took a few of the books that were left, and Dr. Viji of the We Serve Foundation came back and took away the rest of the books, over twenty boxes' worth.
  2. I found homes for everything in the library, including the skeleton and most of the small equipment. The only things not claimed were a pamphlet stapler and manual three-hole punch. The only things recycled were a small stack of old journals and a stack of our hospital newsletters.
  3. I finished the charge entry and boxed up the files for reference at the new facility. The facility charges will not be charged--that can only be done by a hospital, and so will factor into charges differently. But we needed to keep the last 90 days' worth of sheets in case there were questions.
  4. I took a few things out to the car.
  5. They gave away prints of the three hospital buildings (the first, in 1922, at Good Samaritan Hospital's grounds, the second, on the present site, built in the 50s, and the present one, built in the late 80s). So I got one; I've always liked that print.
  6. I got some good news about how my severance is being figured that might mean a little more security.
  7. I finished up the policies.
  8. I passed on a few things.
  9. I got as many of the journals into DOCLINE that I could and changed the address and contact info for it.
  10. I checked on job openings, but there was nothing new that fit my qualifications that was local, but I still have some to apply for.
  11. I said lots of goodbyes and received many hugs. I worked with great people. I will miss them terribly.
I got out at 4:45, about 15 minutes late, but got so much accomplished, and taking one last set of pictures, which I'll post here, including a panoramic one. It's so empty. But I feel really great about how I was able to shut the library down. So oddly, I'm not crying today.

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