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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Damn...I'm going to have to call my doctor Monday

I think it's not an insect bite at all in my leg.  Cathy at the pharmacy said it didn't have any centre at all,  it's redder and spreading.  I got some hydrocortisone cream,  but I think it may be cellulitis.  I've never had it,  but my mom has,  and it looks similar.  I'm at a higher risk due to my diabetes and chronic aedema. I do take medicine for both,  but I'm thinking I may have scraped my shin just a bit on the bedrails that are broken,  and it's set up an infection.  Cellulitis is generally easy to treat and can resolve in just a few days,  but it can have complications,  including the infection getting into the bloodstream.  It's not contagious,  which is good,  as I work in a hospital (albeit not in patient care),  but it should probably be looked at by my doctor or nurse practitioner,  and go on antibiotics if I'm right.  Even YKWIA thought it looked worrisome,  and he has had medical training. Oh,  well.  I'll call the office Monday morning. I can also ask about going back to physical therapy for my neck,  which isn't resolving on its own.  I had the heat on it,  and that felt better,  but as soon as I went to get A,  it was painful again. I'm just falling apart,  I guess.  Welcome to middle age.  :)

UPDATE: This is a spider bite,  apparently.  See post  above. 

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