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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


So things have been announced officially at work, and I can talk about it here. On Friday I accepted another position at Shriners, Revenue Cycle Specialist, which handles getting authorisations and referrals for outpatient clinic visits, scheduling off-site requisitions such as MRIs, and backing up the person who does the surgery authorisations and other things. It means a promotion to a higher grade, a decent raise, my own office and phone, and I'm really happy with it. While I won't be with our team as much, as the two of us are on a different floor than the scheduling department, and I will miss that, I will be closer to my long-term friends/lunch bunch. I will still be filling in for a lady who is going on maternity leave in one of the other departments as well [we're going to discuss how that's going to work in the next day or so, as her due date is fast approaching]. The next few weeks of transitioning and doing that will be very busy. But all in all, I'm pretty stoked.

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