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Friday, June 09, 2017

I'm up in the middle of the night as usual

Because I fell asleep at 7:30 and couldn't keep my eyes open any further. I woke back up at midnight. I have that interview tomorrow, so I figured I might as well get everything ready for it, rather than try to do anything early in the morning when I'm usually rushed. I:
  1. Updated my résumé to reflect the professional certificate I got today from the state of Kentucky. The Professional Librarian Certificate is used primarily for public libraries in Kentucky to ensure that librarians in the commonwealth keep up their continuing education and are qualified to serve in public libraries.
  2. Updated my curriculum vitae to reflect my work with Doody's Core Titles this spring and the upcoming publication of a book review that has been accepted and for which I just finished the proofs.
  3. Printed out copies of the résumé, my references, and my updated curriculum vitae (not likely to come up with a public library, but one should be prepared).
  4. Assembled everything together in a portfolio, put a paper pad in it, and put some of my business cards in the portfolio, along with a pen.
  5. Got all the essential stuff into a small(ish) black purse to match the portfolio and my shoes.
  6. Plugged in the computer to let it charge. It's got a great battery and had 6 more hours of charge, but I wanted to top it off.
  7. Found my Spanx and the box of nude pantyhose I'd bought for the occasion and laid them out.
  8. Steam ironed my suit, took off the tags, cut open the slits, and put the extra button somewhere safe, then hung it back up.
  9. Put all that away, or in the case of the iron, let it cool in the bathroom.
  10. Took my night meds, checked my blood sugar (which has run really high all day, no matter what I tried). Took my long-acting insulin and a little of the short-acting as well, as I was in the 300s. This morning I was over 400. I can't afford to have it up tomorrow when I really have to be at my best cognitively.
I've been listening to music the whole time, and so it hasn't been too bad. Tomorrow's plan is to go to work in the morning until noon, come home, get in my suit, and then head to Owenton via the Interstate so that I can be there by 2 pm. Wish me luck! Now I'm getting sleepy again, so it's time to get back in bed and try to sleep. Good night!

Note to self: Get gas in the morning before work, so that you don't smell like gasoline for your interview. :)

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